Are you a victim of Childhood Sex Abuse (CSA)?  What is the truth about what happened, and what are the lies about shame and your abuser that you have believed?   There is hope, and there is healing.  And your story is worth hearing and telling.

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SECONDARY VICTIMS (Families of CSA Victims)

Are you married to a CSA victim or a child of a CSA victim?

How can you help your loved one face and get through the trauma they have carried and carefully covered?  With God, there is HOPE and HEALING for your spouse and for the secondary victims of your spouse's abuse (you and your family).

Never forget, GOD CARES about you, your marriage, and your situation.

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What is Trauma and Childhood Sex Abuse?  What can you do about it?   Do you know someone who has been abused as a child or going through trauma, and how can you be a Safe Neighbor to help them walk through this trauma to HOPE and HEALING?

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Safe to Hope...

Many victims don't tell their store as they have lost trust and need safe people to tell their story, hope the pain can be healed, and safe people and places to start healing.

When individuals are spiritual made whole (Psalm 23, He restoreth my soul..) and healthier, their family is healthier, their church is healthier, their work is healthier, and their community is healthier, giving hope to those who need to tell their story.

This journey to healing involves listening to God about the truth and lies about each victim's story, rejecting the lies, and living in truth as each painful memory is recounted.

God willing, Safe to Hope, will help support Biblical counseling and a safe place of solitude for victims.

The present involves setting up a safe place for the ministry, building out havens for victim's to come experience solitude and healing, and training for Pastors, victims, secondary victims, and community events.   Ask God and listen to how you can help and give hope...