Becoming a victim took away your innocence and trust, and replaced it with lies, pain, false shame, and mistrust.

The mission of Safe to Hope is to bring you to a safe place, whether physically at our future retreat center, spiritually with your confidence in God and not in man or woman, and where you worship and live by helping teach others to be safe people and create safe places for you and your family to start healing.

You don't have to hide your story.  The power of sin is in secrecy.   Bringing your story to light drives away the darkness of deceit and replaces it with Light that draws you to Him to grow and heal--you may always have the scars of the past, but you will be healthier than hiding it behind a mask of a life pretending nothing happened and that it will all go away.

There is hope, and there is healing with God.  Please go through the information as we develop it and ask God to speak to you and listen to Him, not the dark voices that may even sound like your own, so you can walk in healthy truth and light of hope and safety.

plant growing
walk in light

Why tell my story now?

Keeping the truth a secret about the wounds of the past is like putting a bandage on a deep cut without cleaning it...the wound will become infected and poison the whole body.  In like manner, hiding the truth infects your whole mind and being and family and church and community.

Your story is worth telling!   Bring it to the light.  Learn more and share your story and victories ask you heal.